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Give your jewelry a perfect place for storage by shopping for a fancy jewelry box in Dubai. BoxArtDubai offers luxurious jewelry box in UAE crafted with precision and advanced requirements. Being the best jewelry box manufacturer in Dubai, we provide a wide range of jewelry boxes including wooden boxes, VVIP boxes, MDF boxes, and more.

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Add Elegance To Your Personal Storage With Jewelry Box In UAE

Are you looking for a storage box for keeping your jewelry box safe? Try out our customized jewelry box which is made of high-quality materials that keep your jewelry like rings, and necklaces in the right position. Show some love to your special one by giving them our wooden jewelry box which is sturdy and looks elegant from the outside.

We at BoxArtDubai, provide our jewelry box in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and more. Our jewelry boxes are affordable and requested by bigger organizations in the UAE. Whether you want a corporate gift jewelry box or a PVC jewelry box in Dubai, we accept orders worldwide.

Our Exquisite Jewelry Box Is Perfect For Storing Different Jewelry

Jewelries are a precious and eminent part of any woman’s and men’s beauty. In a country like UAE, where people love wearing expensive jewelry, storing it in a safe place is quite a big challenge. Whether you need a fancy jewelry box in Dubai for personal purposes or gifting new jewelry to a loved one, our customized jewelry box in UAE elevates your standard and increases your status in front of others.

We use advanced packaging equipment which makes us the best jewelry box company in Dubai. BoxArtDubai specializes in creating different jewelry boxes per clients’ requirements.

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Wooden Jewelry Box

Our wooden jewelry box  is engraved with traditional art which can be customized per your requirements. You can place an order for a wooden jewelry box from different materials and sizes that keep your jewelry with utmost security. So give a present of jewelry in our luscious jewelry box that compliments you. 

PVC Jewelry Box

PVC Jewelry box is a modern way to gift jewelry to various events like weddings, parties, and special events. If you are planning to give precious jewelry to someone special, don’t forget to pack them in our PVC jewelry box which adds stars to the occasion. We bet the receiver will forever keep your gift and feel the warmth of love whenever he/she opens our perfectly made jewelry box.

Luxury Leather Jewelry Box

Feel the epitome of leather considered premium for centuries. We blend it with the required style and turn it into a highly-precision and excellent-quality jewelry box. As the name implies, our luxury jewelry box in Dubai perfectly carries various pieces of jewelry and works as the finest gift box for various occasions.

BoxArtDubai is the best jewelry box manufacturer in UAE trusted by corporate clients as the packaging company. Our jewelry and other gift boxes pass quality tests and are perfect for various occasions. We offer highly customized jewelry boxes in UAE different locations including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai, etc.

If you are looking for a high-quality jewelry box in Dubai for corporate purposes, place your order by clicking on the WhatsApp button or write an email at We ship our gift boxes all over the UAE and ensure fast delivery.

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