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Looking for elegant and distinctive bags? Look no further than’s collection of Brown Kraft Bag-Flat Bags and White (Bleach Kraft)-Flat Bags. Our Paper Grocery Bags are perfect for various purposes, including carrying groceries, hardware items, and other essentials. With options like carry bags, SOS bags, and 12 Large Brown Kraft Paper Gift Bags, we offer versatility and quality for all your packaging needs.

Our Trendy paper bags are not only promotional carry bags but also provide excellent value for money. Suitable for shopping, gift packing, and jewelry, these bags come in a wide range of attractive colors and sizes. Whether you’re carrying jewelry, cosmetics, gifts, shoes, garments, or other fancy items, our paper bags ensure style and functionality.

At, we prioritize quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service. Our products can be customized according to your requirements, including color, size, material, and more. With printing options ranging from one to four colors and materials like White Bag, Art Card, and Kraft Paper, we ensure flexibility and customization to meet your needs.

Choose from a variety of handles including cotton, PP, paper handle, and twisted paper handles to suit your preferences. Finish options like gloss or matte lamination, UV coating, embossing, and hot stamp foiling add a touch of sophistication to our paper bags.

Handles for Paper Bags by FPT UAE, Dubai, are crafted from natural brown kraft, recycled brown kraft, bleached white, and recycled bleached white materials, ensuring durability and sustainability.

Explore our extensive range of paper bag products, including Brown Kraft-Flat Bags, Paper Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags, Hardware Bags, White (Bleach Kraft)-Flat Bags, Paper Carry Bags, SOS Bags, and Handle Grocery Bags in various colors, prints, and finishes. Elevate your packaging with options like Gold and Silver foil shopping bags, laminated shopping bags, art matt shopping bags, glossy shopping bags, customized Kraft bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, non-woven bags, recycled Kraft bags, food board bags, corporate bags, retail bags, tote bags, and screen-printed bags.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with’s premium paper bag collection.