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Pillow Boxes in White or Kraft Paper for Small Gifts, Gourmet & Favors

Our one-piece folding pillow boxes with elliptical end closures are the ideal packaging solution for small gifts. Perfect for gourmet food, soaps, jewelry, cosmetics, and more, these boxes offer a unique and stylish presentation. They can be filled with tissue for small items like jewelry and tied with a ribbon for an elegant touch. Please note that box sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

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Description of Pillow Boxes

  1. Shape and Structure:
    • Pillow boxes are typically rectangular with curved, elliptical end closures.
    • They have a smooth, streamlined design that resembles a pillow, hence the name.
  2. Materials:
    • Common materials include Kraft paper for a rustic, natural look and white paper for a clean, modern appearance.
    • They can also come in glossy or matte finishes.
  3. Sizes:
    • Available in various sizes, from small ones for jewelry to larger ones for gourmet treats or cosmetics.
  4. Design Variations:
    • Some pillow boxes feature additional decorations like ribbons, bows, or printed patterns.
    • Customizable options allow for personalized text or logos.
  1. Kraft Pillow Boxes:
    • Made from eco-friendly Kraft paper.
    • Brown, textured appearance ideal for a rustic, natural presentation.
    • Suitable for small gifts, soaps, or homemade items.
  2. White Pillow Boxes:
    • Made from high-quality white paper.
    • Sleek and modern look.
    • Perfect for jewelry, cosmetics, or wedding favors.
  3. Decorated Pillow Boxes:
    • May include festive patterns for holidays or elegant designs for weddings.
    • Often tied with ribbons or adorned with stickers.

By following these descriptions and search suggestions, you should be able to find the images you need to visualize the various styles of pillow boxes available from Boxart Paper Boxes Manufacturing.

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