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Brown Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Welcome to, where we prioritize environmental sustainability with our range of Brown Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags. As advocates of the recycle-reuse-reduce ethos, we understand the paramount importance of eco-friendly packaging solutions in today’s world. Unlike plastic alternatives, our paper carrier bags are easily disposable and environmentally friendly, contributing to the reduction of non-biodegradable waste and environmental pollution.

Our Brown Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags offer numerous benefits:

– Eco-Friendly: Made from sustainable materials, our paper bags support environmental conservation efforts.
– Branding: Customizable with your logo or message, these bags serve as effective branding tools for your business.
– Visibility: With eye-catching designs and high-quality printing, our bags ensure maximum visibility for your brand.
– Flexibility: Available in various sizes and styles, our bags cater to diverse packaging needs.
– Touch & Feel: Crafted from premium paper materials, our bags offer a tactile experience that enhances customer satisfaction.
– Easy to Carry: Designed with sturdy twisted handles, our bags provide convenient carrying options for shoppers.
– Eye-Catching Designs: From classic brown kraft to sleek white kraft, our bags come in a range of attractive options.

Specifications of our Brown Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags include:

– Bottom carrier bags with twisted paper, cotton, or synthetic handles.
– Material options include white kraft, natural ribbed kraft paper, or brown kraft.
– Standard weights ranging from 90-110 g/m2.
– Available in plain or printed options, with personalized flexographic printing of up to six colors.
– Choice of white, natural kraft, or colored twisted handles.
– Possibility of production with synthetic or recycled cotton rope.

At, we offer a wide range of customized bags to suit various industries and needs. From brown kraft flat bags to white bleach kraft flat bags, we provide solutions for grocery stores, retail outlets, exhibitions, and more. Our diverse product range includes paper bags, plastic bags, jute bags, cotton bags, non-woven bags, and industrial bags, all customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Make a lasting impression with our premium paper shopping bags, ideal for merchandise, gifts, or special events. With our commitment to quality and sustainability, is your trusted partner for all your packaging needs.